The Smell of Burning Bridges 

I’m no stranger to the smell of burning bridges in my life. Often, I set those fires myself. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s my defense mechanism. Instead of people hurting and leaving me, I sabotage myself by doing the most horrid things to people.  It’s definitely something I need to fix, and I’m working […]

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Something Wild

Some say that life is a gift. It’s not. Life and existence are thrust upon us. We have no choice. Now, before you go calling someone to come check on me, I’m not saying I want to commit suicide. I am merely stating that we need to start acknowledging existence for what it is.  Many […]

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Birthday Wishes

So, I turned 32 today. Does it even matter? I woke up, too depressed to get out of bed. I actually had to force myself to sit up. It was terrible. This is the first birthday that I have ever felt just completely alone in the universe, where I felt I have no purpose. I […]

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The Trials of Sisyphus

Everyday is like pushing a boulder up a hill. You get it to the top one day, and then you have to start over completely the next day. It feels like no victory is a lasting one.  Lately, I awake every morning, hating the fact that I exist. Lamenting the fact that I pull air […]

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Existence is Futile

God dammit, I ruined yet another potential friendship. I guess I have an issue of coming off needy and desperate. See, I have all of two people that I consider real friends. One lives 2000 miles away and the other is basically a hermit. Maybe it’s the anxiety. I feel the need to impress, and […]

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